The Story of SweetBread Jim’s

SweetBread Jim's Band
©2010 Sweetbread Jim’s

Linsay Deming was writing songs that needed a band.
SweetBread Jim needed a way into the booking business so he could
stop working at his dad’s used car lot in Wheaton, MD.

SweetBread Jim posing for an album cover
.©2010 SweetBread Jim’s

Linsay found the two Jo(h)ns. John Lanou and Jon Lewis.

Lanou was to play bass.

Stroma at Velvet Lounge 4-6-11 SBJ

Lewis was to play drums.


Linsay had her band and advertised on Craigslist.
SweetBread Jim found a way into the booking business and bought the band for $20.

SweetBread Jim had Linsay, Lanou, and Lewis set a regular rehearsal schedule.

They caught on quickly in the snowy square states.

They started playing shows.

At the shows the band started selling
quality used goods in the
“SweetBread Jim’s Junque Shoppe”
to make some extra cash!

And so the story goes.

SweetBread Jim’s would like to
especially thank:

Theodore Lee Jones, Ryan Murphy, Gabriel Mellan,
Michael and Susan Deming, Adam Prim, Sheri Jones, Music Nut, and countless friends and family for all their support.

Check out our
SweetBread Jim’s Junque Shoppe
at the next show.

Great deals on stuff
you never knew you needed!